Reed Short Film Competition 2014

2014 got off to an exciting start with my main project in January being a personal short film project for the 2014 Short Film Competition.

The theme this year was ‘Family Business‘ and myself, fellow filmmaker Thomas Mould and Carmel Hannant (who also stars in the film) came up with a comedy script entitled ‘Success is Relative’. We shot the whole thing in a day and I then edited the film over the space of a fortnight to meet the competition’s 22nd January deadline. The finished film is now up online and available to view!

We were proud to make the selection of 50 longlisted films for the competition but unfortunately did not make the shortlist of 12 announced in early April. Nevertheless we are still incredibly proud of what we achieved and hope you enjoy!

The stars of the film are: Andromeda Godfrey, Tom Bonington, Heather Skermer, Carmel Hannant, Matt Downton and Lucas Rushby (an 8 year old acting prodigy in my opinion!)

Successful Alcoholics

One of my favourite things to do with a bit of time off is to flick through the various short films on Vimeo. Every now and again I stumble across something I really like, and naturally I hit the ‘like’ button. But ‘Successful Alcoholics’ is a short film that I LOVE! It’s easily one of the best short films I’ve seen, so it deserves an extra special mention!

Despite being a lengthy 25 minutes long, I’ve watched it at least a dozen times. It puts a fantastic spin on the story of balancing career and addiction (perhaps a funnier, more lighthearted Shame?!) as we see Drake (T.J. Miller) and Lindsay (Lizzy Caplan) battle with alcoholism. Jordon Vogt-Roberts’ film brings together brilliantly witty writing and a serious message all in one, transitioning from often hilarious slapstick and satire to a touching sensitivity that sees the characters realise and tackle their problems head-on by themselves.

Successful Alcoholics by Jordan Vogt-Roberts:

Our Entries to Virgin Media Shorts 2011

This year I’ve been lucky enough to work on two entries into the 2011 Virgin Media Shorts competition. The first was ‘Click’, a short film written by UEA MA Scriptwriting graduate Drew Castalia. It stars Matt Downton a local up-and-coming actor as a student lost en route to his psychology exam. The test that awaits him is more than he could have ever expected or prepared for. It was shot by myself and James Gorman and the brilliant music is by Dave Bloor and Simon James.

The second entry to the competition I had the pleasure of working on is called ‘The Profit’, a science-fiction short starring a current drama student of UEA Tina Baston and directed by Ross Turner.