A selection of some of the lovely feedback I’ve received from clients in the past couple of years:

Emma Forbes, Alice's Escapes

Emma Forbes on the Alice’s Escapes video shoot.  © Paul Cook

“Paul, you were a total joy to work with and thank you for your time and energy and patience.”Emma Forbes, TV presenter and patron of Alice’s Escapes

“It’s absolutely beautiful – I love that I can click a button and listen to my girl again. Thank you, this is incredible… you’ve created something very special.”Vicky Pyne, Alice’s Escapes.

© Copyright Paul Cook

Screengrab from VW Bury St. Edmunds video      © Paul Cook

[The video] looks fantastic! I love that it captures so many wonderful reactions – from customers and staff – which is precisely the ethos of Inspired and why I started the business. Many thanks again.”Ben Cole, Inspired Live

“Paul is a truly fantastic videographer. I have really enjoyed working with him. He has a great sense of narrative and is able to project the absolute essence of an event and creates very compelling videos. I’d highly recommend him to anyone.”Julie Hall, Women Unlimited

Screengrab from Our Bury St. Edmunds video © Paul Cook

Screengrab from Our Bury St. Edmunds video      © Paul Cook

“We’re very pleased with the video. Thank you. We’re very impressed with your work and want to use you again at our other events.Mark Cordell, Our Bury St. Edmunds | Bid4Bury

“I was very impressed with the quality of Paul’s work. I begrudgingly recommend him as I’d prefer to keep him a secret but can’t be selfish!”Tom Chubb, Plain & Simple TV

“Everyone here is really really pleased with [the video] and impressed by how well you understood the brief. Thank you.”Beth Vaughan, FitzRoy



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