Short Films

Liberation ’44

Liberation ’44 is a short film I wrote and directed in February 2011. Myself and James Gorman shot this for the 2011 Short Film Competition for which the film was shortlisted to the final 12.

The Profit

The Profit is an entry to the 2011 Virgin Media Shorts that I helped to shoot with Ross Turner, James Gorman, Daniel Wood and Rebecca Vaughn.

Success is Relative

Success is Relative was our entry into the Short Film Competition 2014. It made the top 50 longlist.

Florence (Mini-Doc)

Florence is a mini documentary of the people and places of Florence shot whilst working on Hard Rock Cafe’s ‘Hard Rock rocks the square’ event in 2012.

Boss Boot Camp

Our 2012 entry to the Short Film competition, themed ‘The Boss’, written and directed by myself and Matt Downton and produced along with regular collaborators Lightmill Films.


‘Click’ is a short film written by Drew Castalia that myself and James Gorman put together for Virgin Media Shorts 2011.


Splitter is a short film I helped Lightmill Films shoot for the London 2011 Sci-Fi 48 Hour Challenge. Our team’s brief was to include the line “there are just too many of them” as well as a specific prop: A spiral bound note pad with any 3 words written on it,
beginning with A,R, T & N.

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