Sachtler Ace Accessories: Part 2

Sachtler have now released some really useful videos to show off their Ace Accessories range. These three in-depth videos from Sachtler and Nino Leitner showing how the separate Ace components work.

I wanted to post them here because they demonstrate visually what I have praised the Accessories for most; their intuitive and convenient design.

These videos show just how easy it is to make adjustments to the rig and put it together/take it apart. The single adjustment lever on the follow focus and the quick-change ability of the toothed gear wheel and the friction wheel show how swapping between lenses, whether they’re DSLR or cine lenses, is really fast. It allows you to remain creative and use a variety of lenses with your camera without worrying that you’re holding up the shoot.

These videos also show just how much you’re getting for your money. I think the price of the full kit is around £1000 – for which you’re getting one of the best follow focuses on the market (I say this with 100% confidence having used half a dozen follow focus units in the past, none of which have the control or the smoothness of Sachtler’s) a lightweight and very clever matte box, and a similarly smart baseplate which allows you to use DSLRs, C100/C300, FS100/700, Blackmagic cameras and many others.


Extraction Protocol: Behind the Scenes on FXHome fan-film

Back in September last year FXHome put together two awesome short fan-films to show off their HitFilm software and I was asked to capture all the goings-on behind the scenes. The first film ‘Knightfall’ (inspired by Batman: Arkham City) came out back in November and recently the second of the shorts, ‘Extraction Protocol’ (inspired by Deus Ex: Human Revolution) was released.

Now the making-of video that I shot behind the scenes is up online. Have a watch: