Successful Alcoholics

One of my favourite things to do with a bit of time off is to flick through the various short films on Vimeo. Every now and again I stumble across something I really like, and naturally I hit the ‘like’ button. But ‘Successful Alcoholics’ is a short film that I LOVE! It’s easily one of the best short films I’ve seen, so it deserves an extra special mention!

Despite being a lengthy 25 minutes long, I’ve watched it at least a dozen times. It puts a fantastic spin on the story of balancing career and addiction (perhaps a funnier, more lighthearted Shame?!) as we see Drake (T.J. Miller) and Lindsay (Lizzy Caplan) battle with alcoholism. Jordon Vogt-Roberts’ film brings together brilliantly witty writing and a serious message all in one, transitioning from often hilarious slapstick and satire to a touching sensitivity that sees the characters realise and tackle their problems head-on by themselves.

Successful Alcoholics by Jordan Vogt-Roberts:


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