Our Entries to Virgin Media Shorts 2011

This year I’ve been lucky enough to work on two entries into the 2011 Virgin Media Shorts competition. The first was ‘Click’, a short film written by UEA MA Scriptwriting graduate Drew Castalia. It stars Matt Downton a local up-and-coming actor as a student lost en route to his psychology exam. The test that awaits him is more than he could have ever expected or prepared for. It was shot by myself and James Gorman and the brilliant music is by Dave Bloor and Simon James.

The second entry to the competition I had the pleasure of working on is called ‘The Profit’, a science-fiction short starring a current drama student of UEA Tina Baston and directed by Ross Turner.

2 thoughts on “Our Entries to Virgin Media Shorts 2011

  1. Nice ones! I like the camera work and lighting. What lighting equipment have you used in order to achieve this nice soft indoor skin tones? I always have to push everything to blue in post in order to soften things (even when using daylight kits), with dedolights skin tones are overexposed too much as well. Really liked the look of yours.

  2. Thanks for your comment dkravtsov. Because it was a small space we didn’t need a huge amount of light. We used 2 Fluorescent lamps with soft boxes both around 85W (equivalent to 300 watt incandescent). This in turn was bounced off the ceiling and walls to further soften the look. The colour temp of these bulbs is 5100K so we fixed each camera at that and avoided using other light sources.

    When it came to the grading, I simply pushed the shadows slightly into the blue/green and highlights into the yellow.

    Hope that helps đŸ™‚ thanks for watching.

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